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We Should Get Coffee Sometime

“We should get coffee sometime…”

This is a thing I say a lot. I’m working a lot more on making it a promise instead of just a suggestion. I’m much less inclined to break a promise. Go get coffee with the ones you love. Having them around tomorrow is not a promise.

August 19th, 2023

“We should get coffee sometime”

That isn’t a saying you hear anymore, I really wish it was, now its, “whos house are we going to,” “where do you want to do it” there isnt romance anymore, people dont love the same as my grandparents did. I really liked this guy once thought he was going to ask me out, because he was like “#**# I really like you, so I have to ask you something.” I was like “ask me!” and said “ you send” it kinda broke me because we had been talking for 3+ months after I said “non” he full on stopped talking to me. I was really sad. I started talking to a guy this summer here and I really did like him, and I asked him if he wanted to “get a drink and go for a walk” and he said “nah, I want you to come to my house and we can Fu*k.” I miss how romance used to be.

July 29th 2023

Coffee is connection

Coffee is community

Coffee is the energy of life

I wish people would mean this when they say this to me. “We should get coffee sometime” – but we both know that our short awkward introductions into each other’s journeys already show that are paths could never – will never – intersect. Please be honest. You don’t even need to be nice if it’s only to me. I can handle you leaving. It may hurt for a bit, but then the mental lack of object permanence takes over and you disappear. Grab coffee takes over, – and you disappear. Grab coffee with someone else. Or by yourself. You need to spend time with yourself more so that you understand how others can be happy without you. I’ll save my energy.

My friends and I go to our local gym so that we can go out for coffee later. Always we ask…. Where should we go? Coffee is very important in Aussie’s lives.

Is it selfish to want to get to know everyone? All stories are so interesting and meeting people feels like opening new doors. I’d like to meet the inventor of pasta.


I was traveling this summer with friends in Slovenia. We rented a van and drove all around the country side. One day, while driving up a mountain pass in the Julian Alps, we stopped to take photos and chatted with a cyclist who we has passed moments before. He had been working really hard to make his way up the hill.

The next day we drove up another mountain road – The highest road in Slovenia. Lo and behold, we met the same cyclist there.

After another friendly chat where we bid him further encouragement, my friend told me – “If we meet him again, we must sit down together and enjoy a coffee.” That is how I learned about the “meet a person 3 ties, you must have a coffee together” rule. We have yet to meet this cyclist a third time…