Virtual collection coming soon

We are an art project that calls itself a museum
We are a museum that collects human connection
We investigate what happens between big events

Everyday life is hidden right in front of us, we aim to find it.
It disappears as soon as you find it. That’s OK. It’s like dark matter. It is what happens in between significant moments and holds everything together. It is meeting friends, having dinner, yelling at folks, being yelled at, sulking, laughing and so on. It is walking from one place to the next. It is going to work. It is staying at home. It is worrying and washing dishes. It is both random and routine

We‘re like NASA but we solve mysteries of the known

We are homemade. We collect stories and sentiments. We combine art and anthropology, we find poetry where nobody is looking. We create to be explored, sensed, shuffled through, to be heard, peaked into, touched, to be savoured, smelt, reflected upon and enjoyed. 
We create to be felt
We create to connect

Attention is currency. The act of looking is life.
We are a part of a growing universal community – a push back against the grand narratives, the big, the single hero, the accumulative power, the hierarchy. A push against “us” vs. “them”. A pull towards rawness, of life as lived, of nuance, the beautiful and not. The hilarious attempts to make sense of yourself and the world.