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We are all Cyborgs now

01001000 01101001 00100000

00111010 00101001

From one fellow robot to another 

July 17, 2023

Beep, Boop, Beep, Beep, Boop Boop Boop 

That was for my Cybernetic Collective 

May You all one day free yourselves from fear & anxiety and join the collective 


Keeping moving. 

Get up, get started, do the next thing. 

Keep going, get it done. 

Stop, go outside + rest. 

I was 35 when I accepted I was human 

Until then I thought of myself more as a machine, something to help others, achieve things, and I struggled to ever accept being unwell or in my mind failing to live up to my expectations. It took a long time to start affording myself the same kindness that I gave to others.