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The Unexplained

The unexplained 

My father is 94 years old. He has not been talking to me, angry because he thinks that I am the reason he is not driving. Blames that on me. No one thinks he should drive. 

I cannot explain how someone can reject a daughter over this. I  think about this often, an unexplained part of my everyday life. 

I think this will go on and he will die not talking to me.

Rain Mays 

June 28, 2023

My everyday life orbits around my identity. Or probably, identities. Everything I do relates to who I am. Each facet of my identity influences how my day works. Parts are bigger or smaller but they all play a role. 

The crystal facets of my identity shape me – inside the crystal: White, Trans, Queer, American

I can see ghosts (spirits). The 1st time was when I was 9-10, on a family vacation in NewFoundland.

It got easier once I grew older and started practicing reflexology as a hobby (like strengthening a muscle).

I don’t tell very many people because you never know what type of response you’ll get.

But we do on after death. Pets, people – there is something after. Because they can say hello. 

T.S. – Yukon, Canada

June 2023