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The Small Things

Make the most of the memories from the past – listen to the stories from your parents, grand-parents etc and pass them down the generations. Hold onto the little things in life that make it special.

Susan, Cornwall,UK 21/8/23


I love sweaters. There warm and cozy and can come in every shape and size. Its he patterns are shy but traditional and hilarious. They can also be something that your cherish, something handmade, sometimes manufactured. Nonetheless both beautiful and special.

– E.L.P (USA)

AUGUST 11th 2023

Everyday since arriving has been very different from my every day life in Canada.

In Iceland, I wake up, find water (hot or cold) and breathe with the wind, taking in the beautiful landscapes.

In Canada, I wake up next to my husband, give him a smooch and say hello to our two Shiba Inus (Mochi and Suki). After the happy greetings, they get breakfast then I/we take them for their mornings walks and/or to play in the dog park. My day grows from there.


Lacey, 32 years old.

Quest’anno ho maggiato molto, ma forre piu che viaggiato ho corso.

Mi manca il quotidiano: svegliarsi presto per far colazione con calma, lavorare, travale un nitaglio di temp per un caffe con le altre…camminare o anolase in bici per Faenza. Lamentarmi della normalita della provincia. Aspereto setembre con grana. E sempre l’inizio di qualcosa di meglio


I traveled a lot this year, maybe I should say I run.

I really miss the ordinary life: waking up early to have a quiet breakfast, going to work, find a moment in the chaos of the day to have a coffee with the girls… walking or riding the bike in Faenza. Complaining about how ordinary suburban life can be. I wait for September with joy and excitement. It is always the beginning of something BETTER. G.

This may be a bit corny, but every morning I wake up next to my husband we blink open to a new day, stare at each other for a few minutes and exchange the words “I love you.”

There is not one day where I wish it were different or where I forget to say it because we never know when we won’t be able to say it again.

Three small words that carry the weight of the word.

I love you



At home, I think birds are nice, but not special. Strolling through Icelandic nature opened my eyes. From the day on, I heard the Piep of this black/brown bird, with these two white stripes leading from its neck below the wings to the tail – one could say he wars a sail – I had the feeling that I got a friend. Really cute but formal, as he wears a sail. Several times we remeet now on different parts of Iceland in the mass. And always he trippled behind me.

I hope that we meet again in the south at home. Hopefully my friend migrates!

See you soon 

And for my part, it is time to get informed who my friend is

18 July 2023

  • Sweet treats
  • Hot girl walks
  • Looking at nature and screaming BAM(beautiful ass moment)
  • Jumping on the trampoline
  • Living with 40 people in a hostel and cleaning the kitching
  • Baking for birthdays
  • Counting off
  • Sunsets
  • Card games
  • Coffee breaks
  • Painting nails
  • Reading a good book
  • Looking out the window on a long bus ride
  • Talking for hours

With love, Jackie Fuentes Illinois, USA

The Small THings

July 18, 2023

Waking up and feeling refreshed. The first bite of a really good sandwich. The sun. Taking a walk and appreciating the scenery. Cooking dinner with friends. Discussing the meaning of life. The smell of grass and rain. Smiles from strangers. Rainbows. Cappuccino foam. Baby animals. Feeling warm, loved, and calm. Poaching the perfect soft boiled egg. Life.

Christina Chen

Being in this magical place with my daughter making amazinging virting and candle!

Beautiful day in my life


Must say it’s very, very cold here. I’m not used to it. However the nature is stunning. So much green. So many water falls. Untouched wonders. It’s peaceful. Serene. Like you are breathing together with the world around you.


At my home, in Indiana, I am surrounded by the love of my family. To be hugged by my 3 yr old grandson is the best feeling in the world. KAD

Traveling to Iceland is a BIG thing. But, it is the little things I am remembering:

All the Lupine on the mountains

How did the sand turn red?

Different yellow flowers, what is their name?

Is this the only place where sheep are free range?

Reason to visit again.


Sometimes A small thing happens to be a huge and beautiful things. You meet people at a restaurant in Italy and four years later, you come and link them in Isafjordur. And you are welcomed as a member of the family.

All these little things become a huge and unforgettable thing.

Memories I will not forget and thank you for that.



Traveling on a cruise ship and finally deciding to pay for laundry service. We avoided it for so long since it was so expensive but we were on a long journey so it was inevitable. $35 a bag. WE would get our money’s worth by cramming as much as possible. Midway while stuffing the laundry bag, I asked my wife if we thought the bag needed to be closed. She couldn’t stop laughing. WE managed to over stuff the bag. We got $105 worth. Mission accomplished.

24 June 2023

I often times forget to see the bigger picture. I am an absolute fan of the small things.

Small flowers on a sideway, small crystals in a rock, small details ona painting.

In my opinion the small things, and realizing how big of an impact they can make, makes life worth living and Exploring.

“Love is in the little things”

21.Jun. 2023 – S.M.

I discovered how little I pay attention to the stories behind my shoes. The shoes I’m wearing today symbolize my love for football. They’re Adidas Sambas. On my trip to Iceland I also brought a pair of my dad’s hiking shoes and they broke on a hike to a waterfall. I guess this is a metaphor for how my dad had worn them for many trips and hikes and how I can now get my own pair that I can pass down to my kid one day. Yesterday was father’s day, so happy father’s day, DB

Love you!

Þegar ég var í grunnskóla reyndi ég alltaf að safna öllu klinki sem ég fann um allt húsið heima. Þegar ég hefði safnað nógu mikið labbaði ég í Hamraborg og keypti mér fyrir peninginn, nammi aðallega. Oftast sleikjó eða pez. Meðal fann ég ekki mikið meira en tíkall í hverju herbergi fyrir sig. 50 kall ef maður var heppinn. Á laugardögum náði maður stundum að kaupa bland í poka.

Í hversdeginum er ég 

alltaf í eldhúsinu 


Mínar smá þar 

Hversdagslegar aðgerðir 

Mín soðna ýsu 




Er soðna ýsan mín ekki soðin

Hún er þorskur í 

*þarna er hjartað




Alltaf í eldhúsinu.

Það er gott að koma hingað vestur þar sem ræturnar liggja langt aftur í ættir. Koma á fallega staði (understatement) – náttúruperlur. Sem næra og gleðja – gott að stinga sér í samband, finna orku aftur sem hafði legið í dvala í margmenninu og umferðinni í borginni. Frábært að kynna börnin sín loksins fyrir vestfjörðum og fara í fyrsta sinn með makanum og heyra um það að pabbi minn kleif Göltinn eins síns liðs, sextugur og sat á honum klofvega á meðan leitað var að ísbirni í nágrenninu. 

Best að frara að virkja lífskraftinn betur þegar ég kem heim og koma mér í form, líkamlega og sköpunarlega.

It is the view out of my window the frame and image ever – changing but the act of looking out to look in remains the same



We hiked up a gargantuan waterfall yesterday. It put everything into perspective because it showed me how small I am in the big picture. The actions I perform are unimportant, meaning I can have all the fun in the world. However, to do that, I need to lose fear of movement. I felt very happy at that waterfall. I hope to go again with my family because climbing it, I felt like myself, I haven’t felt like that for a while.

Thinking of a moment of everyday life, I think about lying on my sofa with my black cat, Mika, sprauled on me, staring at me with her big eyes, full of love, listening to the children next door playing together. It’s moments like this that make me feel so blessed and lucky to be me.

The joys of wording a new, unknown place. Finding joy in the experience of not expecting or wanting but just wandering and looking. First time in Isafjordur!