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The Morning Ritual

Ég sit í heita pottinum mep kakóbollann minn, horfi á fjöllin, hlusta á árniðinn og fuglana og þakka fyrir að ljúfa morgungjöf sé hluti af mínum hversdegi.

Ég er að læra íslensku núna. Hér í Vestfjarðar. Ég kalla heim… Bolungarvík. Daglegt. Ég er að fara í sund og tala með fólk. Ég er að læra fréttir, veður og líf í Bolungarvík. Vá frábært! Kaffi, heitir pottar og að hitta fólk. Takk fyrir fyrir allt. 


I used to be so, I used to feel so, connected to the artistry of everyday life

I had forgotten the breathtaking moments are with the subtle smiles greeting

Someone in a hallway or taking the first sip of coffee in the morning. 

Why must be romantic about it? 

Is there anything to lose? Just everyday life

In the morning, I meditate with people around the world via zoom and meditation chapel. 

C.J.C. from USA/ Florida

In the morning I always shower and get a nice close shave with my safety razor. Then I have a big bowl of oats with milk and drink a big cup of black coffee. 

That’s the only way, to start of the day the right day. 

S. from Denmark.

  1. July 18, 2018

We I wake up in the morning I give my love a kiss. Or more often he does, because he wakes up first. Then I listen to the voices out my window, so I know where the cruise ship is from and how many there are. German? French? If they are American I have to decide if I am feeling social. If I am feeling social I can wear my red sweatshirt with the University of Georgia logo. If I am not feeling social I would be wise not to wear it, because every other people might stop to ask me if I went there or some other American question.. Then, based on the volume I can tell how many there are. Will the coffeeshop be too crowded for me today? This is how I plan the day. Maybe this sounds like I hate the tourism. I don’t think that’s true. But in winter the morning ritual is very different.

July 10, 2023

Walking a 6 lb chihuahua for 10 minutes every morning hardly qualifies as “exercise: for me, a 130 lb. person. But it certainly counts for him. And at least it’s pretty much everyday. And at least he seems happy about it. 

– RN from Phoenix, AZ

The part of my life that I would most like to preserve is the morning routine I had as a uni student. I worked late at a fast food restaurant and then got up before dawn to go rowing on the lake in town – I was sleep-deprived but powerful, relentless, strong. The crew that I rowed with were a team of impressive, larger than life women and the greatest desire we each held was to see each and every member of the team excel in every field. After training, we would drag our sweaty, aching bodies into the cheap cafe on campus and each buy one coffee, then sit for hours, stinking out the joint. Eventually we would have to spread out to lectures, jobs, libraries. Most days I would cycle home and sleep for another few hours. 

SE, 6/7/23


My everyday life starts off vibrant and full of life and ends with complete silence, almost melancholy. Throughout the day my thoughts, chitter chatter with each other about my dreams, hopes and desires. My everyday life is never the same because my mind can’t help but question everything and everyone. What is home, what is love, why did I leave, how come they never stayed? At the end of the day I get to discover the person I’m trying to become. I’m not sure who she is yet, which is why my everyday life always begins with a question, of what is life to me and how should one live it.

June 20, 2023

One day when I walked out my back door I saw this small brown bird fly over to the birdhouse that came with the house when we moved in just a few years before. When I walked over to the mini house I heard the faint chirp of some babies which is how I found out that mamma had made her nest in the backyard of my home. I would walk outside most mornings from then on checking on the chicks and seeing them grow. I left before I saw them leave the nest but I saw them change from slimy little things to cute fluffy chicks that were going to fly the nest soon. How special!

Vakna svo upp

Við það að það eru 

hundruð manna á 

göngustígum á baki 

þér og þrjú bláspúandi ship, druknað af

fólki á briginni

að vakna á 


vindnum og fara með kaffibollann

að hafinu. Darga

djúpt andann og loka augun 

og hlusta. 


1 de Agosto de 2023 Me gusta nuestra rutina de todas las mañanas aquí en Islandia y muchos itinerarios habituales también lo inventados y improvisados.

Leyendo estos papeles que he imaginado todavía más lejos.  

Máximo destino?

Donde nos ireyos?

Me encanta isafjordur

Laura desde Andalucía