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Parents are Human

August 16th, 2024

Being a parent is really hard work. Especially when you have twins. Girls. Now 14 years old, so in the peak of puberty. Always angry at us when we take the phone away after a long time spent on it. Mobile phones are always a reason for arguing in our family. We love each other when we don’t have a phone in our hands 🙂 

I love my kids … if angry, cheeky, furious, crazy … always and forever ??

Denisa from Slovakia

Aug 4, 2023

I was blessed early in my life to understand how easy it is to find joy…


Everywhere … 

And that sharing it magnifies it 10 fold

When I was 5 years old, my big brother and I went to stay with my grandparents. They lived in a village 5 miles/ 8 km out of town. We spent the summer with them. Opposite their house was a field. The farmer let us play in the field. 

My brother was born during August. My mum wanted a daughter! She has another son before my sister was born. Mum was very happy. 

RK (England)


When Indices fail you 

– Reading “Justice Undone” by Thor Vilhjálmsson

– Stellar blend of modem + Romanticism 

– The books on your nightstand

– Things you would only tell your diary 

– Justice 

– Taste

– Higher Power

– Dreams 

– Sex

– When grief shows up 

– Parents are Human 

– Stuck into the binder by divine that of crayola color

? After 10 draws 

– Cliff Wu

Den Bosch, NL 


Only when  you become a parent can you truly understand and maybe even forgive the mistakes of your own parents. My kids are my everything and I try my best. And I am sure I’m F’ing them up. All things can be true at once. 

– B.

Reluctant American


My everyday life is… exhausting, wonderful, awesome, boring, fun, full of love and laughter, full of chores, and errands and obligations, I work too much, I sleep too little, I worry too much, I try to take care of everything and everyone, not sure if enough for myself. Sometimes I wonder, If I have a clear North star for life or do I do what I do just 180° different than my parents did (for sure, but it can’t be wrong, not totally) 

I love my husband I love my children I truly believe they love me too, so … what else should am I struggling with at all? 

Any how, life is good. Very good, most of the time. 

– K. 

David, From Greenville, SC USA on July 23, 2023

Ridges (drawing of thumb)

I look at my thumb. The nail there has ridges – they are small, but distinct enough to feel if you drag your other dinger over them. I do not remember having them as a child, but I remember my mother did. So did her father. Perhaps it is some genetic trait, or a dietary deficiency, or just a truck age plays on my bones but it reminds me of my mother and her hands, my grandaddy and his hands and now on my hands and I am thankful. 

13 July 2023

Traveling with my parents + daughter on a cruise, My mum is 81 and has cancer. Special sharing moments in beautiful Iceland with my family. Life is short + parents are special. We laugh a lot + wonder at the landscape. Special times. ??

This title reminds me of a book that we had – “When mum turned into a Monster!” It’s about parents getting stressed, anxious and sometimes scary. 

At the end it’s okay, though as the mum turns back to normal. 

I’m sure I made my mum turn into a monster a few times!