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Office Humor and Coffee Breaks

25. ágúst ´23

Og ??

Ég er forritari frá Þyskalandi. Lifið mitt er mjög stressað . Oft eru vandamál með tækni eða með starfsfólki. En svo byrja ég að blóta á íslensku. Það hjálpar mér en menn skilja ekki neitt. Mér finnst það svo gaman. 

A.R. 08.23

Not a day goes by where our office isn’t filled with humor and plenty of laughter
Admittedly, it’s not to everyone’s taste, but it keeps a select few (myself included) entertained!
We have a roll call of our favorite words: flaps, flange, clunge, girth being the main ones
Bonus points are an offer if you manage to sneak them into a piece of marketing material!
Simply put we are all bonkers, But it keeps us sane. Kind of.
Signed Pa. on the back

Very classical story – I have this one friend at work and all the new employees always think we are dating because we act like that a lot. We make sex jokes, play around with our eyebrows, it’s too funny.
I am actually together with another guy at the office, which makes the new employees even more confused.
I love it. Highlight of my job, really.
I miss this fella.
See ya soon, goofball makers!

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