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No, I’m Fine

(I quit my job and do yolo)
(Yes, and I do not regret anything)
You only live once.
So stop trying to do what (you think) people are expecting of you or what you think you have to do and start doing
It feels incredibly fine, so really I am fine.
A lot of things are unsure at the moments, but that’s okay, they will fall into place as long as I do what I want to do and live life in a way that makes me happy.

Ég hef eiginlega enga hugmynd um hvað maður á að fjalla um þannig blah.
Mamma er stanslaust pirruð út í mig á þessari ferð ég vildi að ég væri barn. Hún elskar mig alveg útaf hún er mamma mín en henni líkar ekki við mig sem manneskju lengur það er nú víst.

I can be busy or not busy. It’s within my control.
I am blessed with good friends & a very good husband

Þegar allar
mínar konur
innan í mér
segi ég aðspurð að það
sé allt í lagi
með mig

It’s not about where you’ve been or what you saw. It’s about what you felt, how hard you tried. Your worries, your thoughts. Your senes, you’re heartbreak. Your pain & enlightenment. It’s about the effort you’ve put into. Your passion. It’s about how above evolves. Twists & turns
About all, all beings
Life Live Love

No, I’m fine
That’s what my adult chronically depressed daughter says when she is anything but.
“No, I’m fine” is my sign to stick around and support her even while she pushes me away. Lest she hurts herself.

“No, I’m fine” is what I say even when I’m emotionally drained from supporting her.

She’s not fine. I’m not dine. But we’re doing the best we can with the hand we’re dealt.

We’re so lucky in so many other ways.

Everyday life is pretty lonely these days, not just here, but also at home.
It doesn’t matter the size of the city I’m in, or how many people are around, inside it’s pretty lonely, apart from having love. Love is where it’s not lonely. At the same time, everything is ok. I’m not worried about feeling alone. Something will come, something will change. Friends will come.

Fyrir 2 árum í september þá hættu mamma mín og pabbi saman. Síðan dó hundurinn minn í desember. En mér líður miklu betur núna.

No, I’m fine
Something I usually say even when I’m not.
I have a disability – doesn’t define me however, at times when people ask “how are you” I will respond with “I’m fine.” I don’t want to bore people or myself. All of my friends who have the same disability as me are the same.

I don’t think I’m bad at adapting normally, I love going to new places and experiencing new lives, but recently it’s been hard. It’s not that I need the comforts of home, it’s that I haven’t found any comforts here.
I miss EL tea and rolls

Today people go on about mental health.

My wife asks me one day, what gets you down?

You know, I couldn’t think of a damn thing!
Dave O’connor
60 yr old
Still thinking