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Higher Power

We slashed our tires on the journey from Akureyri to the Westfjords.
This led us to go to Reykjavik instead to get the tire replaced.
Thank god we did that, because there was a storm warning for the Westfjords on the day we have been there.
How good, and inconvenient at the same time, that we slashed our tire.
June 21. -S.M.

July 24, 2013
The attached “What I value most” explains what I know about God and his plan of salvation that is a free gift to all mankind to save them from eternity in Hell.
Mike (Auburn, Alabama, USA)
John 3:16
Romans 10:9

Cheryl – Aberdeen, Scotland
Dear Universe…
I believe the energy (thoughts) you put out into this world is reflected back to you in your life-manifesting. I have washed in my beauty salon (Beauty53, Stonehaven, Scotland) for 8 years. (A salon my friend opened then for 4 years me + my best friend worked sey employed in – working with your best friend = amazing) In the first lockdown I took over the business which was very stressful. Dealing with … but as the business had to be closed I had time to refurbish – which would be hard if open with clients in all the time (paint needs time to dry). After 1 year my best friend got pregnant + left to have new baby, I advertised (and put out to the universe what I wanted) for months to find the right person to fill her room + the other spare room, and now 1 year later I have I have 1 fine renter who is perfect at her job + spiritual too, + 2 part time renters. I can now relax + focus on my life balance + get our next … so I can grow vege have rescue hens , PTO.

Since taking over the salon I started to feel robin/ stummer cards – my own showru a recycled cardboard with compostable packaging + made gift sets (vegan, eco friendly packaging
Made a website for the salon – have as much as I am a beauty therapist but I did it, set up online gift vouchers
Refill able outside hand cream
Having my own salon is something I never dreamed of having
If you need help with anything ask the angels! They’re here to help us.

I love spending my days riding my bicycle up in the tall mountains. Mostly alone with the great mountains. All around. Sweet Air, Vigor, with or without snow I’m always happy to go up feeling the strength to keep going and going… and Breathing.
Beautiful drawing of mountain
I am there again.
LonB 2023