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Going Home

Vacation is fun, but home is where I would like to be. Iceland is beautiful and more amazing than I could have ever imagined, but I can’t wait to see my family again.

So much love for the people I have met and the people I have yet to meet.

I was at a wedding once when somebody I like very much because he is warm and great at conversations asked the people at the table “What is home to you?” or maybe “Where feels like home?” The point was that there is no simple answer – it’s not just where you live or where you where born. For him, it was his partner. If he was with her, he felt at home, even having recently moved halfway around the glove. For me it is something that has changed many times in my life and, I suspect, will continue to do so. So all I could think of answering was “I am my own constant.” It feels like circumstances will always change, relationships change, so it matters to know who I am, even as it’s changing too.

The time I left home, I could only visit with a time machine, I found out my dog died through text, but I can still find my way home, down that same street, just like I used to…..

18 july 2023
Home changes pretty often for me. Sometimes because of turbulence and other times because of opportunity. When I’m here, going home means coming to the guesthouse and resting my mind with classmates– 4 weeks ago they were strangers. In university I move homes every three months. Earlier than that I moved school every few years. So when asked where are you from? I say what is convenient. Home has been on three continents, cities far apart, with my family, friends, strangers. There has never been one home, so I feel the next place is always home. Every place and no place is going home for me.

Leaving the little known and unknown makes you want to return to know more
Mark G
Boynton Beach, FL USA

July 17/23
This was my first visit to Iceland but tomorrow it’s time to head home. It’s been a whirlwind trip and, honestly, I still haven’t fully processed it. We bikepacked in the highlands and the roadtripped through the Westfjords finishing in Isafjordur. If we’re lucky we’ll get to see the eruption before we leave

Going Home –

Nowhere has ever felt like home.
Except here in Iceland, I find myself more.
Which I guess means I’m coming home to myself.

To have had the chance to be here with my elderly father.

07/08/2023 My Skies
Home stopped being a place a long long time ago. Or maybe, it stopped being just one place. I started to categorize my homes as skies. My first sky, my second, my third ~ Y, M, B, but I keep adding to the collection and I wonder if I’m happy that way, constantly missing somewhere and someone. But I’m lucky to feel nostalgia. There’s something about growing in each new place you settle, no matter how shallow your pots are. People, places, things, they all come together in the most glorious myriad of ways. They bring warmth, peace, comfort, joy, and happiness. That’s what makes a home truly feel like home.
(drawing of houses)

Velia Pola July 2023

First, I had a brother named ‘Lev, He has passed away. I leave here a tear for him.

Crayons…rusty nails…my childhood was special and simple. The memories are precious. 

Thank you for this look into others lives. 🙂

June 20, 2023

Home is strange once you move aways then come back. Nostalgia rules your mind. You get nostalgic passing a random street. I miss it but I don’t. I feel weird and @ home but also like a guest (I know this makes no sense). It’s home but it’s not. Slowly, w/time, returning home gets less and less weird w/time. I have new homes now, but the nostalgia and love for the OG never really leaves. Home is weird, is what it is. I know this makes no sense, it’s impossible to put into words, but I did my best.

Being born and bred in Newcastle upon Tyne, U.K. there was always a special feeling of ‘going home’ after traveling south. ‘Going home’ involved crossing the Tyne Bridge and that feeling of “I’m back where I belong” came flooding over me everytime.
When I married and moved to Gateshead which is across the R. Tyne from Newcastle, for many years when crossing the Tyne Bridge to visit family or the city, that feeling of ‘going home’ would always hit me. My heart would lift for joy that I was ‘going home’. There is no feeling quite like it – a sense of joy and belonging all mixed together.
June 2023

I want to go home to New York, Long Island to see my grand-daughter. She is 13 months old and I miss her. Her life is just beginning and mine is heading to a change of location, hopefully heaven! Iceland has been a lovely place to visit.

I love going home. I used to try and travel to places that were farthest from home, but I was always overwhelmed with sadness. Why? Do I hate change? Do I miss my twin bed? Do I enjoy the pain home brings? When will home be a person and not a place.