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Small World

AEC 2023

It seems that everywhere I go, we all know each other. No matter where I turn, I meet somebody that knows somebody. I have been thousands of kilometers away from home and still – someone went to school with my best friend’s friend. At uni, I met this girl that moved to Berlin the year after I left. Same neighborhood, same school, same friends. I don’t think she was very close with my friends, but they knew each other. How crazy is it that ended up at the same tiny uni? My favorite thing about traveling and exploring is just this the reassurance that no matter where I go, we are all connected in some way or another ??


If you see this, this is your sign to put your everyday life in a Bottle!! 

Take a glass Bottle and put little things that remind you of your life in it. Write a short letter and go to the icelandic sea and throw your bottle far away 

And maybe someone will find this letter and will be so happy about this coincidence.


My husband & I are here celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. I have hardly traveled anywhere since Covid, so this is a big deal for me. We step off the cruise ship & start wandering the streets of this quaint town. Across the street from this museum, I notice the young woman walking toward me – she was my graduate student about 6 years ago in Hawaii, here visiting a friend from college. She lives in Washington State now. Not sure why our paths just crossed so randomly, but it was fun and we shall see!

This trip to Iceland was my first out of the United States. I was anxious, but excited. I would be here for six weeks with a study abroad group. I encountered some chaos at the airports, but luckily I met some friends along the way. I guarantee that I would not have made my connecting flight in Minneapolis, Minnesota if it weren’t for a couple who were taking the exact route as me. What are the changes of that? 

I flew out of a little regional airport in Arkansas, made a connection in Minnesota, and flew into Reykjavik and the nice couple was along from the same ride! 

Moral of the story: sometimes eavesdropping helps others out, but never underestimate how short a 40 minute layover really is. 

~ I. W., Arkansas USa 

July 18, 2023


When I was in college I lived in Wales for one year study abroad. 

My sister came to visit and we went traveling. I had recently had my frist tast of (very successful) hitchhiking from Swansea to Paris in a charity race, so emboldened, decided to show off my hitch hiking skills to my un-christened sister and hitch the Welsh roads North. 

After a bit a man picked up us. He was a video game repair man who drove the same road frequently and “never” picked up hitchhikers expect for one other time. He described a friendly american couple on their way to a music festival and a few minutes into the discussion it was clear he had picked up my two good friends from school.

Has been so long I didn’t write down so! This morning I was hand writing a presentation for an exposition and when I was almost finished I made some mistake and had to start again. And now I’m here writing this! 

Nam mjóhó renge kjó

Í lífinu eru engar tilviljanir, það sem kemur upp eða þú stendur frami fyrir er það sem þú skapaðir með hugsunum, orðum og verkum þínum.