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Adventures and Thrills

Sport for got….
Nothing more exciting than going to the beach and windsurfing or sup (stand up paddle), when the conditions are right for me!
Ralph (Israel) 11.6.2023

We should hang out more. What a tough sentence to say in such a busy world nowadays. But I miss being out in nature more. Iceland is a beautiful place, I wish to explore all the intimate parts of nature with strangers or friends. After all, any story is worth the memories B.H, 2023

When everyday means a new place you can long for the simplicity of knowing where most things are.

The ordinary life of me.

Yes, you read right I have a very ordinary life. I am a 36 year old mom living in Garðabor. I have a strong husband and 2 little leids. I am a stay at home housewife and in my freetime I hang with the girls and have fun. People describe me as the silly chick that just vibes and has fun. Once I was in a restaurant and went cray-cray. It wass my 12 yr/old daughters b-day and I mad every-one sing for her! I mean how silly is that. Welp – thats my crazy life.

Ich liebe es den Pferden zuzuckucken und deren Geruch. Die Pferde sind für mich echte Freunde. Man kann den Pferden alles anvertrauen.

I <3 horse

Amadea Schuwolow

7/7/2023 Sophia Hou

A week and a half ago me, my sister, and a bunch of other high-schoolers from all over the US met at the JFK airport in NYC. A few met us in Iceland. We had never seen or met each other. A week and a half later, we became friends. It’s crazy what throwing 18 teens into a student trip in Iceland can do. We went to hot springs together; hiked up a glacier with ropes connecting us all; walked across ice-cold rivers, cheering each other on when they felt like giving up; played card games like Egyption Rat-Screw; and even lived together. Crazily enough, after a week and a half, it feels as if we had known each other for ages. In a few days, we’ll part ways at the JFK airport. We may never see each other again, but we’ll always remember the memories we made together.

I am Lilly. I live in Xabia, Spain. I am 6 years old.

My daddy works on a cruiseship and that is why I am in Iceland with him.

I like Iceland because there is fun things. And I like bunnies

What An Adventure this life is!

26th June 2023

Today, I woke up with a different high energy than usual. It’s been more than 3 months living on the ship and today’s stop is beautiful Isafjordur. Currently this is my everyday life, my mundane is the most exciting thing. I have lots of work to do, very les time to sleep but everyday I wake up in a new city and usually another country. I absolutely love it and wouldn’t change a single thing. I was looking for something all my life but now I know I already have it. Life is freaking awesome. Every bit of it, all parts.

– Cheers, L’chaim, Prost, Salut.

– Chicky was here

I recently started playing Dungeons and Dragons. It’s strange doing something you’ve always talked about doing. I’m not particularly good at the role playing but it’s a lot of fun and always makes me laugh. I’m playing a Cleric with no healing spells lol. I’d also had great luck and hadn’t actually taken any damage until last night when my party members kept hitting my character when trying to cut a rope.

June 20, 2023

Dawn/Sam – Cape Coral, Florida


Adventure and Thrills

  • We love cruising –  and visiting unique towns like yours
  • We love exploring all areas in the world
  • Tasting new foods and drinks local to the areas we are visiting
  • For thrills – I’ve ziplined and walked the Sydney Harbor Bridge in Australia