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I think I wait too much. None of the major things that have happened in my life have been due to me doing something. I just want for someone else to do something or for an obvious choice to present itself.

I wish I could solve my problems. I wish I could figure out what I want to do with my life but it feels like all I can do is wait. I can’t force my identity into existence. I just have to be patient and wait to find it.

Waiting is terrifying.

What does the future hold?

Alas, I wait.


Brain like a washing machine.

Waiting for new load.

Less than 5 grams.

29. júlí ´23

Hversdagurinn minn týndist 2. maí 2023.

Nú bíð ég bara eftir að þetta gangi allt yfir. Að það komi ró. Ég er brjáluð en það er ekkert pláss fyrir það núna.



Wait for your friend

Wait to get the courage to meet up with your friend

Wait to eat food, so you can eat at the all you can eat buffet

Wait to finally leave home

Wait a bit before finally growing up

Wait for the right time

Until theres no time left..

…So why wait 



I’m in my 62nd year and still waiting. Waiting for the life I envisaged for myself to start.

It’s not that I’ve not done things, or been successful. I’ve had a good career and I have 2 beautiful sons, one from my 2nd marriage and 1 from my 3rd.

I’m still waiting for my 3rd marriage to feel happy and fulfilled.

I always thought I’d be a writer. That novel is waiting to be written and I’m still waiting to write it. I have lots of ideas, I just need to knuckle down and do it. And stop waiting.



Bíður eftir miðnætursólinni án sólar. 

Warten auf die Mitternachtssonne ohne sonne.

Jun 21, 2023

I hate wait

I hate to wait online

I hate to wait for food in the buffet

I hate to wait for the sunrise

I Hate to wait to people

I Hate to wait for my turn

I only Love to wait for

You <3

A very busy day with business: she was swearing while trying to write down the description to her exhibition. Fra instead was in his usual phone call mayhem, switching from one language to the other. Plus a new job was awaiting him. So busy yet so relaxed morning for me, as I was waiting for them to be done.

My everyday life.

It’s a big clock, ticking second to second. My little steps are strictly planned.

2 minutes, if not zero, for quick breakfast.

8 hours at work. It’s a big thing tho, never mind.

3 minutes to drive and sing out loud in a car, like there’s no tomorrow.

10 sleepy minutes for journaling.

And the clock is loudly ticking. All-the-time.

I miss those tender moments, when time just stands still. When I don’t have to dance around clock’s melody. When I wander around without the end goal. I miss slow life. Daydreaming. Not rushing. Cute surprises. Spontaneous burst of laugh. I miss space and time, where universe could tickle me and make me smile.