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If anything important has ever really made sense to me. It is that most of life is mundane, and that is … beautiful. But I have dreams of grandeur. I’ve always wanted to be a famous artist and musician. I dream of creating a world that feels expansive, and satisfying. I recently have met a man who makes me feel like that kind of life is possible. I never thought some one could love me like that, and make me see myself that way. Being surprised and at home with someone is the greatest feeling your life will offer.

Yesterday in this vacation I was in bed scrolling down my bosses facebook side.

I will be so shy to meet her tomorrow. I keep fantasizing about her being here – having a hamburger at Hafnarborgin for example. But she is not here.

The Creator Atlas D.
Sometimes I wonder if a knife thinks of itself as a creator, rather than a destroyer. It’s often not until I cut and slice and mince a relationship that I understand why it is no longer a relationship, but a mess that cannot be put back together. But the knife simply created, as its mission unbeknownst to him.

I did not understand why my love was so wounding until I looked at my hands. It wasn’t a branch I held but a switch. I have not yet learned how to hug with empty palms.

I want to adore you without armour. I want to put down the knife.
I am here. I am sorry. My hands are free.
Take them. And I will finally create something better.

I think at the age of 32, one thing I have learnt is so important to the human experience is awareness, awareness of yourself, of others, of your emotion and of your surroundings, nature. We are all connected to each other and can be lonely but we can always have each other finding how to connect whether coffee with a friend or getting your hand in the soil or taking a moment to rest your hands on your head and saying I love you

July 9th, 2023
It’s summer here and my birthday is almost there. I kind hate my everyday life right now and I really lost the pleasure of it since Das gone.
But my work allowed me this experience, been far from Brazil and expend the month of my birthday between Iceland and Norwegean. I miss Brazil summer and I miss Das so much.
I’m always sad and ungrateful in July.
But we can always find magic in mundane and know about other feelings other people make me glad that I’m here now.
I wish I could discovery places like this everyday, but I need to live my everyday life too.
Fernanda Lopes/ Brazil

Nothing matters.
Nothing is fun.
I feel a bit lost in a sea of existentialism. My partner is great. My dog is great. I love gardens and great color combinations. I love good music and being outside in summer.

But as far as any job: why? Why waste my most productive and creative hours of the day on a job? “Domestic bliss” is what my partner and I call it when we just stop and enjoy little things like making dinner together or cleaning the house or doing mundane things. Most things in life are “Emperor’s New Clothes.” Does that mean we are curmudgeons? Most things are dumb. Expect friends and nature and music. ?

My everyday life is very confusing to me. I never know how I’m feeling and it’s weird to go through life like that. Friends are strange and enjoyable, nature is pleasant and foreign, and traveling is joyful but lonely. I can never feel once balanced day. But its ok. It’s kind of fun sometimes. But it sucks other times. I’m young. I have time to figure myself out.

Iceland is amazing.

I genuinely don’t believe anyone would want to date me. Like I’ve determined I’m just not someone others would consider girlfriend material. Lmao

Everytime I like someone I trick myself into thinking I have a chance, but I know I don’t. I’ll never do anything about that either.

Discovery… I spend a lot of time by myself when I could be spending it with my family (parents + dog).
I could do more to improve myself/ future
I wish I had a girlfriend tbh. Everyone is in a relationship now…
Stop spending so much money!
Lots of stars and hearts drawn

Áður en ég fór í sumarfrí þoldi ég ekki bekkinn minn og sérstaklega vini mína. Ég var í bekk með tveimur af þremur, ein var í öðrum bekk. Ég átti ekki aðra vini þannig að ég var með þeim alltaf úti í frímínútum og það var pynting. Í lokin á öllum skólanum var bekknum skipt upp út af of fáum kennurum og ég var ánægð. Ég er að fara í háskóla í haust og bað sérstaklega að vera ekki með þeim í bekk.

Hello my name is Gerry. I am a travel nurse from California, on vacation. I’m solo traveling, some days are amazing other days I’m depressed. The love of my life no longer wants to be with me its been months since then I feel I’m doing better, but some days I am sad. Im ready to be out of this rut. I know I should be thinking about all the beauty around me, but its hard some days. I know someday I will find someone better I just want to be fully healed.
Gerry your favorite nurse