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The Books on your Nightstand

“The Gift” 

English translation of the poems of Hafiz, a lifetime of enjoyment in reading them.

Reading “Is Mother Dead?” a Norwegian novel about loss and the passing of time. 

June 20, 2023

*Man’s Search for Meaning 

* Çal?ku?u (A Turkish novel)

*The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck 

– SG

They rotate apart from one to make notes in! 

Through them I travel, visit, learn, review + Imagine. 

I wouldn’t be without them. 


I used to have many books in my room, upwards of 30. When I moved I could only take a few and the ones I brought always had a special meaning. I always have the Grimm Fairy Tales book, All the Young Dudes, and whatever I am reading at the moment. I am currently reading Greek Myths retelling. 

Books on our nightstand always have a special meaning to us, at least to me.

July 19, 2023

The Goldfinch is a steadfast reminder of the value and power of art. And since I’ve been in Iceland … Independent People has been a nightstand staple