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I have not had sex in over two months and now I wonder if I was addicted to sex at one point in my life?
Oh well.
Here’s to shower faucets.

Sex is complicated isn’t it?
It’s something that has one function yet more than one purpose.
Function: Reproduction
Purpose: Love, happiness, fun, joy, escapism.

It’s nice when you love it.
It’s okay when you don’t
Don’t hurry to experience it.
You’ve got plenty of time.

Tip: Nothing like having some “hanky panky” Under the waterfall in Bruarfoss.

Is there anything more amazing than this connection?

Mermaid me
For some unknown reason whenever I’m around, getting lost in Vestfirdir niceland keeps send me cross my path of some very young … sailors.
Ela 33

“Yellow is the colour of my true-love hair”

The rest is in french 

Rien n’est plus beau – et … “quotidien” au minarvais seus du ferme – que les yeux de mou bien-aime que la voix de … bien -aime que la tendresse de nou bien-aime … quand je me réveille, chapaeu nurati, de … jour, de chap

You think you can get freaky?
Woof woof… I’m a human puppy.
Although I don’t consider it freaky 🙂