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So i says thats not my horse thats my wife!



Dagar mínir eru alls ekki hversdagslegir í mínum huga. Enginn dagur er eins, og ekki eins og ég hélt að hann yrði. Það gerir alla daga fulla eftirvæntingar. Á kvöldin rifja ég upp það sem á daginn hefur drifið og þakka Guði fyrir hann – og bið fyrir mér og fólkinu mínu.

On  déaarwert que ces enfants islandas jousent aussi a 1-2-3 Soleil mais avec d’autres noms.

We discovered that kids here also plays 1-2-3 Sun but with other words.

And it’s fun to play together 🙂

I found that the Westfjord satellite map, looks like a succulent plant


Met some people from Yorkshire and “Oh my friend is from Yorkshire, from Doncaster” just slipped out. My “friend” is a world famous record breaking, earth shattering rock star.


June 27th 2023

Laughing out loud so hard and uncontrollable

English girls abroad.

June 20, 2023

Laughing so hard you can’t catch your breath, there are tears in your eyes, and you keep slapping the table/your leg. Those are the best moments in life.

We have a cat who when seeing any birds in the Garden – sits at the window of our house making noises as if swearing at them.

Laughing Out loud… it’s what I do when I find that I have done one more silly thing – like walk into a room and have forgotten why… It is what I do when my grand children giggle… my grand children often make me LOL!


California tourist

Try to LOL as much as you can because life is short

Ex: Today I accidentally let out a fart in front of another camper and she and I locked eyes and LOL’ed

Tourist from India 06-08-2023