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Its springtime in Tasmania, and I am wondering if my son is keeping an eye on my plants. I’m also worried that the weeds will be out of control. I Love gardening and looking forward to retiring, so I can get it organized!

Survived the heat wave in Madrid – so hot !

Terese Hebort


I left my plants in Spain two weeks ago, I’ll be here im an artist residency for two more weeks. I left them water and love but I can’t stop thinking about the 40° it’s loving in Madrid.

I hope my girls are well.

I am 74 and have been sewing when I had the time for all of my life. Now I do have time and am even drafting my own patterns.

My great joy though is my garden. It is planted with native flowers to attract birds and butterflies. Right now several hummingbirds come every day, along with gold finches.

And also butterflies!

It is a gift to be healthy at my age and I am grateful to God.


Margrét E

Gardening is watching things grow and evolve without the commitment of it being an Animal or human.

It’s learning to nourish and water things to make them bloom and grow.

I wish I could take as good care of myself as I’m doing with my plants.

But I’m sure one day I will bloom as bright as my sunflowers do.

I just need a little patience and water.

June 24 – S.M.

Ég hafði mjög gaman af manninum mínum í gær, við vorum úti í garði að vinna. Reyndum að koma blessaðri slátturvélinni okkar í gang en ekkert gekk. Við vorum nýbúin að skipta um víra og allskonar þegar hann ætlaði að kippa henni í gang þá slitnaði spottinn og eitthvað eiðilagðist og henti parti af vélinni í burtu í bræði. Ég gat ekki annað en brosað og hlegið að honum. 

Ég var að saxa rabarbara og var búin að skera niður upb 5 lítra (1 stór Tupperwareskál) þegar ég áttaði mig á því að hvítu flygsurnar á bitunum voru ekki oxalat-kristallar úr rabarbaranum heldur plast flygsur af Ikea plastskurðarbretti (skerbrettinu) sem var hreinlega að kysast upp undan sýnunum í rhabarbarunum. Ég náði í salat-þvottavélina og skolaði allt af rabbabaranum.

I’ve never been one for gardening the dedication to something so small is something I cant do. My mother gardens though, cucumbers, figs, tomatoes, all little green things. She knows I hate gardening, yet Its always me watering & planting. I hope I’ll come to love gardening, I want to treasure the small and Mundane.

I love gardening. It is my morning ritual. Every day you wake up and see something new like magic. Gardening can both be like meditation and stressful. Sometimes I feel its mostly just murdering insects to keep one thing alive. I grow peppers, sweet potatoes, strawberries, garlic, broccoli, and green beans. I enjoy having a deeper connection to my food.

July 24, 2023


I am 41 and live in Quebec City. We are in zone 4b/5a and have about 120 frost-free days in summer. It’s warm and long enough to grow small and medium tomatoes, small peppers, and mini eggplants without a greenhouse or other protection. We have many perennials on our small urban lot: lilacs, daylillies, honeysuckle, crocus, tulips, daffodils, irises, cherries (sour), lovage, currants, blueberries, strawberries, hostas, and more. I also have an annual garden of vegetables, herbs and flowers – all mixed and densly planted. 

The garden was my refuge and meditation when I started it in 2020. I have left it for 3 weeks for this trip and am nervous that it will be out of control or ruined when I get home. I hope my partner takes my 4 year old daughter often to pick cucumbers, tomatoes and bears. My 8 year old son is with me here, writing in the soundtrack notebook.

Try gardening, and expect to fail a lot in order to learn. Enjoy the process.

Jessie instagram: jweb05