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Should Have


I feel like sometimes I’ve been haunted by should haves. I struggle a lot with perfectionism and conflating trying and doing my best with attempting to be perfect. I try to no longer use the term “should have” b/c I believe that everything happens for a reason. I just turned 20 a month ago, and I’m ready to just be without having any expectations. I want to accept where I am and who I am. As Cardi B once said “Be you. If you want to be a stripper, if you want to be a teacher be a teacher” I want just live fully, openly, honestly, and with no regrets. Heres to saying yes more and embrace all the ups and downs and mistakes of life.

I wish I could be like the people that simply let things go.However i’m stuck obsessing over all the “should’ve” of my life.I should’ve told her i loved her I should’ve run away I should’ve taken that risk I want to be done w/ this mindset.I want to live my life without be haunted by the past.Tomorrow is another day and I tried.16.07.23

There is so much I need to do, so much I want to say – but somehow getting started is the hardest part. That’s the thing with regrets, they hit you before your inaction can even be noticed. I want to be better and do better.

I should have.

Should have kissed that guy

Should have taken that risk

Should have asked my questions

Should have shared my thoughts

I Shouldn’t have

Shouldn’t have been so shy

Shouldn’t have preferred safety

Shouldn’t have silenced myself

Shouldn’t have closed my eyes.

We always regret the things we didn’t do. Almost never regret just doing what we feel like.

Trust your gut.

Great things come from unapologetically being yourself.

21. Jun. – S. M.