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Coming to places like this reminds me that I am truly living my dream. 

I have always wanted to visit Iceland and view the beautiful scenery and learn about the people and their culture. So, the fact I get to visit here whilst I’m working reminded me that dreams can come true. 

I am working as a singer on a cruise ship and I am visiting a place I’ve always dreamed of visiting. 

It’s been 2 years since my nan passed away today and I’m always grateful for her support and my whole family’s support of my dreams.



I once dreamt that I was at summer camp and my dad came to visit and he got into a fight on the dock of the camp lake with a bear. I woke up from my own cries. My pillow was soaked. He had died in my dream. That is the only dream I remember from my childhood. 

I used to dream about losing my breath. I would gasp but no one around me would react. I would wake up breathless and wonder why my dreams always reflected my anxiety. I rarely have that dream anymore. 



I’ve been in Iceland 10 days, I have 8 more to do. 

My trip of a lifetime is over halfway. 

Why do dreams have to end? I suppose they all do, maybe that’s what marks a dream… 

The inevitable ending of joy and a reminder of reality.