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BFF <3

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My BFF’s a girl a called Evolet her parents went through divorce and she’s been dealing with it very badly but when she was 9 she was very sweet, ind and laughed a lot now she was affected by her parents’ divorce and she started being mean, rude she started calling me names and ignored me when I came to visit her. I’m scared our friendship will fade away. But for now I’ll let it play out naturally. I miss the old her.

I think I am in a state of codependence with my cat. I’m not sure if that’s something I need to change or tone done, or if it’s just fine.



AUGUST 1st – 16th, 2023

The whirlwind adventure of a lifetime in a land drenched in beauty

Lacey & Laurel

July 18th 2023


My Best Friend is my platonic soulmate. We share joy, sadness, excitement, anger, etc. together. I don’t live close to him anymore so I don’t see him every day. I miss him. I look forward to our calls and the little time we spend together in person. I hope he knows how grateful I am for him and how much joy he brings me. ¡ Bendición mucho! Te amo C.B. Lop from l.F

June 20, 2022

I am abroad right now, studying in Iceland for 6 weeks with a group of people I’d never met. It’s been 16 days and we are already best friends. We still have a remaining month together, and I’ve decided that I’m going to treat every moment as a special one. Sometimes I fail to realize how special moments, people, and places are until I’m n longer a part of them, but I won’t let that happen this time. I feel so lucky to be here and to have made these friendships.

June 20, 2023

There are some friends that you just know will be your best friends for life, no matter what. I’m so lucky to know mine and I’m missing them right now, an ocean away. How lucky am I to have such wonderful friends.

BFF – 

My best friend is a girl named Rachel. We met in the 7th grade in science class. We sat next to each other and became friends with another girl named Izzy. In the 8th grade we were in the same PE class with another girl named Jane. I almost left Rachel so I could be friends with Jane. One day the Pretty Little Liars trailer came out and I rushed up to Rachel with excitement. She had been the one that introduced me to the show. From that day we have remained friends. She is now my best friend.