Human nature

“Human nature” is a multi-sensory exhibition that tells six stories of daily lives in nature in the Westfjords region, Iceland: the seasons of sheep farming, a grandmother picking mushrooms and tending to a geothermal garden to make meals for her family, baking traditional cakes from the ruby red rhubarbs growing wild in the most remote fjord,Continue reading “Human nature”

The Everyday Extraordinary

In June 2018 Justin Armstrong, a teacher at Welleslay Collage in Boston, brought his cultural anthropology field course to Ísafjörður as he had done for some years. When he looked outside the hotel window he noticed our museum that hadn’t been there in his previous visits. He emailed us, saying: “I teach a course calledContinue reading “The Everyday Extraordinary”

Can we change the rituals of our everyday life?

What are the materials that we want to see exist in the future? What are the materials that we don‘t want to see exist any longer? And can we imagine materials for our clothing or technologies that biodegrade over time? Those are the questions Fine Brendtner asked on The World Oceans Day on the 8thContinue reading “Can we change the rituals of our everyday life?”

Clay. Rock. Rhubarb

The visual artist, Imogen Higgins is the first one to exhibit her work in our newly renovated space we simply call “The guestroom”. She traveled from Cardiff, Wales to Ísafjörður to work on her ideas in ArtsIceland residency for a couple of weeks.  Her work consists of captivating prints made from natural ingredients from theContinue reading “Clay. Rock. Rhubarb”